Are Your Feet Spring Ready?

  These fancy feet are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

These fancy feet are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here in Michigan, it is still quite chilly and the snow on the ground feels like it is melting at glacial pace. Nevertheless, spring is just around the corner so are your feet ready to get stepping into those flip flops?

Nail salons are a wonderful way to pamper your hands & feet but here are a few tips that'll keep you in good shape:

- Go to a reputable/reliable salon, making sure the equipment is sterilized for every new client to prevent spread on infection.

- If getting both hands and feet done, make sure a separate set of instrument is used to prevent spreading of infection as well.

- Do not allow for aggressive ingrown toenail trimming, use of razors on corns/calluses/warts or cuticle push-backs since these can give bacteria opportunity to invade broken skin. Only a trained medical professional should be holding a blade.

- If your toenail is discolored, have them checked out by a podiatrist since this may indicate a fungal nail infection. Painting over them may trap them in, possibly worsening the condition. Some salons are trained to refuse clients if they suspect infections and hopefully you'll be properly treated before heading back to the salon.

- Also, if you're prone to ingrown toenails, discuss this with your podiatrist, there are many ways to treat it.

- For home maintenance for what I refer to as Fancy Feet, try the following: Start with a 10-15 minute warm water foot soak with epsom salt + aromatherapy oil to your preference, followed by a sugar scrub that is mixed with olive oil to remove dead tissue massaging 1-2 minutes then rinse off, then finish off with a moisturizer of choice with care to avoid in between toe (too much moisture can cause fungal infection and skin tears, neither are desirable!) Let the lotion absorb before donning on socks. And please be careful as the products may create a slippery surface. Repeat weekly or as often as desired to feel fancy!