So you've got a cast on your leg?

You would think caring for a cast is pretty straightforward but I have seen some...interesting ways people are caring for their cast. The purpose of the cast is to protect the area from additional harm, edema reduction, and immobilization to heal the affected area.

There are two basic types

1. Plaster which is much like paper mache and is usually white & a little messy to apply

2. Fiberglass which is made of a synthetic material similar to moldable plastic and comes in a variety of colors

What happens if a cast gets wet? It is difficult to shower/bathe with a cast on, we get it. Even with the plastic bag cast protectors water can find its way down your leg into the cast and next thing you know, you got a smelly, itchy, squishy cast. What to do now? Call the doctor who applied it, they will guide you through the next step. Usually the cast will need to be replaced to prevent skin tearing or infection. 

Some people have tried to self remedy by using a blow dryer (cool setting) but if the whole thing is drenching wet, it needs to be replaced. Definitely do not try to cut the cast off yourself because you may accidentally injure yourself if not done properly. 

If getting a cast reapplication, vocalize any problems you had such as if it was too tight in a particular area or not well padded in others. You can also request to have your leg gently washed with soap and water to keep you comfortable throughout the casting period.