Skin Graft - Video

It's moving time for me! I'm making the trek from Michigan back to California next week which means a mini-break from blogging. However, I will not leave you without some entertainment. Follow my adventures on Instagram @drtea_podiatry.

Also, below is a demonstration of obtaining a skin graft to cover an open wound by Dr. Thomas McClellan. You can find a ton of these videos by different surgeons on YouTube. The primary benefit from obtaining a split-thickness skin graft (autograft) from the patient's thigh or leg rather than using a synthetic product (allograft) is:

- higher acceptance of graft (better healing potential because there won't be a risk of foreign material graft rejection)

- the supply is nearly unlimited (your skin can regenerate, the human body is amazing)

- less costly than synthetic grafts

- and low donor site morbidity (1-2% chance of discomfort, minimal pain at the donor site)

There are benefits to using either autograft or allografts and its application will depend on the circumstance. I tend to veer towards autograft because I like to start with the patient's natural resources and for the reasons above (and perhaps training bias). *graphic content*