Accuracy of Diagnosing Bone Infections in Diabetics

This paper systematically reviews scientific papers on the use of a technique we call "probe to bone" (PTB) using a blunt sterile ended instrument to clinically detect whether a wound probes down to bone, eluding us to a possible diagnosis of osteomyelitis (OM or bone infection). I had the pleasure of working alongside this team to further assess the quality of current research papers as it pertains to patients with diabetic foot wounds with suspected bone infection. This is a common technique used by clinicians to determine the likelihood of a patient having osteomyelitis. Reaching a diagnosis is often difficult because the clinical symptoms are subtle and there continues to be controversy in the usefulness of this very simple, noninvasive and economical test. 

In summary, we found that the PTB test can accurately rule in bone infections with high risk diabetic foot and can rule it out in low risk patients. Here's the link to the abstract, access to full article requires a subscription:

Clinical Accuracy of Probe to Bone to Detect Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Foot: A Systemactic Review