Heel Pain 101

 Image from https://www.foothealthfacts.org/conditions/heel-pain-(plantar-fasciitis)

Image from https://www.foothealthfacts.org/conditions/heel-pain-(plantar-fasciitis)

Plantar fasciitis, used to be called heel spurs but is a misnomer, affects many people. It is caused by an inflammation of the fibrous band on the bottom of your foot that may be from having flat feet or very high arches.

The good news is pain can be managed conservatively in the majority of people. The bad news? Nothing good will come easy and it take consistent practice to prevent the pain from getting worse. Here are some freebies for you if you suffer from heel pain:

1. Pain first thing in the morning when you step down? Before getting out of bed, stretch your arch by extending your knee and dorsiflexing the foot. You can also use a towel to help with this stretch. Warm up for a few minutes every day. 

2. Pain still there through the day? Take a break and repeat the stretches. Use tennis or gold ball to massage the plantar fascia. 

3. Pain at the end of the day too? You may need to take a closer look at your shoes and invest in durable, supportive shoes that provide support to the arch. If the shoes fold in half, that's no good. If they are completely flat like the current trendy shoes, that won't work either. Walking barefeet will make it worse as well. What you can do is take a frozen water bottle and massage the arch out again. The ice will be very nice. 

Rest, Ice, Night Splints, Better Shoes & Orthotics are usually very successful in relieving pain. Surgery is a last resort. 

I'd like to send a special shout out to Rist Roller for providing me a  sample mini foam roller. I use foam rollers in general for my back so it made sense to have one for foot pain. This type of product is perfect for massaging out the plantar fascia in heel pain syndrome. Check them out. *I do not get any sponsorships whatsoever if you decide to purchase. They just seem cool.*

Wishing you all freedom from foot pain!