What I wish for everyone I meet in the Emergency Department

Whoopsie doodle, looks like I missed the entire month of April to blog! Needless to say I am happily busy in my practice in sunny Northern California. So busy that I am seeing a preventable trend in the Emergency Department (ED) on patients I am called in for and hope to be able to help some of you or your loved ones suffering from diabetes related foot problems. 

IF YOU HAVE DIABETES...please establish care with your local podiatrist. We can point out early signs of problems such as pressure points, blisters, calluses and ulcerations and provide recommendations to preventing infection and ultimately loss of limb. We can provide prescriptions for diabetic shoes and custom inserts and offer recommendations based on your foot type and activity level.

The most recent set of patients I have seen in the ED have had a sore for more than one week that was left ignored or self treated and, sadly, resulted in an amputation of part of the foot. This is often necessary to save the leg but also could have been prevented early on. 

I'M A DIABETIC, WHY SHOULD I SEE A DOCTOR WHEN I HAVE NO FOOT PROBLEMS? Excellent question! Not all diabetic patients will have foot-related problems but for some who develop neuropathy (loss of sensation) in the feet, you may not have the pain signals alerting you that you stepped on something or have a callus that is creating a sore underneath. Leaving this ignored is how infections brew and spread. Better to prevent than to wait for something bad to happen. 

Email me with your questions and I'll share the answers to benefit our readers.