Pregnancy and Foot Pain

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I'm at the age where a lot of my friends are getting pregnant and many have suffered from foot pain near their last trimester. I've put this together with you in mind ladies:

Why do my feet hurt?
Carrying around extra weight from your growing fetus adds pressure to your feet. Even in patients who are not child bearing but experience an increase in weight gain will suffer from foot pain. Many patients have told me once they were able to lose weight, or had their baby, they had less foot and ankle problems. 

Why did my shoe size change?
During pregnancy you're more likely to retain water and so your feet will swell up. That is why you may notice your regular shoes are fitting more snug than you remember. Many moms-to-be opt for sandals that are not as restrictive. 

I think my feet are changing shape too! Is this normal?
Unfortunately yes. With increasing weight and a hormone called relaxin that is produced during pregnancy to loosen the pelvic ligaments, it also affects ligaments throughout your body including your feet. The arch may flatten out which is why you see the changing shape. 

What can I do to get relief?
- Sometimes, rest is best! Kick off your shoes and elevate your feet as much as possible to decrease the swelling. 
- Give yourself a home spa treatment with Epsom salt foot soaks. Add aromatic oils like lavender to help you relax. 
- Exercise regularly to improve circulation and for overall health.
- Drinking a lot of water and limiting salt intake will decrease water retention. 
- My favorite recommendation of all time: massage! You can use a frozen water bottle to roll under your arches or have someone massage your feet.  

You deserve to relax and be pain-free. After all your amazing body is building a baby in there! If you have more questions, feel free to click on the button below to email me.