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Will split-thickness skin grafts heal in a diabetic foot?

Split-Thickness Skin Grafts to the Foot and Ankle of Diabetic Patients by Kyle Sanniec, Tea Nguyen, Suzanne AV Van Asten, Javier La Fontaine, Lawrence A. Lavery

Diabetic foot wounds are challenging because the immune system required in healing is blunted in poorly controlled diabetes. We set out to answer if there is a correlation between elevated hemoglobin A1c and healing outcomes of split-thickness skin grafts. Click on the bolded hyperlink above to learn more. 

How accurate is the probe-to-bone test for bone infection?

Diagnostic Accuracy of Probe to Bone to Detect Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Foot: A Systematic Review by Kenrick Lam, Suzanne AV Van Asten, Tea Nguyen, Javier La Fontaine, Lawrence A. Lavery

Click on the title hyperlink above to learn more about the common probe-to-bone (PTB) bedside clinical examination and how it helps test for the presence of bone infection in the diabetic foot. 


When should I use the probe-to-bone test?

Pre-Test Probability And The Probe-To-Bone Test: What You Should Know by Jakob C. Thorud & Tea Nguyen

Probe-to-bone (PTB) test is used to grossly screen for bone infection prior to using more advanced and expensive modalities such as MRI. This test is useful in the right population and not just everyone with a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU). Click on the title hyperlink above to read more about it in laymens term. 

Is the TMA "definitive?"

Reoperation and Reamputation After Transmetatarsal Amputation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by Jakob C. Thorud, Daniel Jupiter, Jonathan Lorenzana, Tea Tu Nguyen, Naohiro Shibuya

The level of amputation in the foot continues to be a controversial topic. Although the transmetatarsal amputation (TMA) is a well accepted procedure in cases such as gangrene and infection, debate continues as to whether or not it is truly more definitive than lesser ray resections. 

Click on the bolded hyperlink title to read more about our findings.