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I created this site with you in mind, whether you're someone suffering from foot and/or ankle conditions or a student interested in the world of podiatry, I hope you gain something from being here. I have dedicated over 10 years specializing in the foot and ankle with many more years, perhaps decades, to go. The human body continues to fascinate me and the demands we put our feet through with every step each day deserves much attention and care to keep us walking, playing, dancing and moving pain free. 

This site, along with any internet information, is not intended to substitute your current medical care. As always for your safety, advise a fully fleshed and experienced physician before deciding to diagnose and treat anything on your own. Other than that, I hope you enjoy these words that I've put together for you.

Thank you for visiting. 
- Dr. Tea

Where to find me

Monterey Bay Wound Treatment Center (in Watsonville Community Hospital) by referral only
75 Neilson St, Watsonville, CA 95076
(831) 763-3147

Santa Cruz County
You can text me at (831) 708-1110