Healing Your Foot & Ankle Problems


When your feet hurts, your whole body is affected. So you'll want to find a Podiatrist who cares about your overall well-being and knows the intricacies of the lower extremity anatomy. Many problems can be solved without surgery. You can schedule a consultation today to discuss what problems you want to go away.  



With at least a decade of dedicated training specializing in all foot and ankle ailments, I believe many conditions can be resolved with conservative medical treatment. Surgical intervention is reserved for those who will benefit the most from it. 

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What Is a Podiatrist?

Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, D.P.M., possess the same medial training pathway as our M.D. and D.O. colleagues working side-by-side as a team to give you the best medical care. 


Common Foot & Ankle Problems

The most common foot and ankle problems can be resolved using conservative therapy. 

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We care for you and your entire family like our own.

— Dr. Tea

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